[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] UGH! Bug appeared when attempting to save copy after editing

Malnorma malnormacxio at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 13:08:44 CEST 2018

I don't have any suggestions for fixing your problem without seeing the
file, but just making a copy doesn't generally cause such problems.  At
the very least, always keep a last-known-good copy of your changes, and
a backup of the original module to fall back on.  If you're concerned
that Vassal corrupted these, make the copies with Explorer instead and
name them appropriately
(Panzer-original.vmod, Panzer-Working.vmod, Panzer-WIP.vmod).

I like to edit the module I work on with version control.  I have a
top-level folder with a Makefile, and a bin and src folder.  The src
folder is just the unzipped contents of the module.

The Makefile just includes a few time-saving steps:

make test -> zips the src folder into a static module using "Test" as
the version as a placeholder.  This is the version I edit in Vassal.

make unpack -> the reverse; unzips the test module and overwrites the
files in the src folder.  It also runs a script to normalise the XML in
the buildFile, because Vassal really likes to make a mess of that (like
botched divider positions that really just make life difficult for
users).  Cleaning up some of this makes the diffs more useful to
double-check what you've changed.

make module -> uses gitversion to get a version number from tags in the
repo, then sets that version in buildFile and moduledata, and zips up
src into the new release.

Takes a bit of setting up, but once it's done you'll never need to fear
a botched edit again, especially if you save and commit the changes
frequently in logical chunks.  It also lets you experiment a bit more
freely without wasting space on a bunch of mostly-identical zip files. 
Don't get carried away with source control though - the module format
doesn't lend itself well to multiple branches or merging, mostly thanks
to the piece id numbers.

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