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Skotkolr skotkolr at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 08:41:50 CET 2018

Hey Joel, hope you weathered the storm well.  I am not familiar with xml
files and I have found that I can extract the .svg file images and work
with them in Inkscape.  So I am going through each counter and
correcting some errors that were made when they were created, I.E.
missing motorized symbology, some AT units were still mis-marked as 1
stacking point...etc.  Also I am incorporating the unit information that
was on the original counters for players edification.  I also decided
that color marking the artillery and the Mech movement capable units
might be a nice add in. So I am doing that as well.  I have completed
the Germans and I am now working in the Commonwealth counters.  I have
also been researching some information that appears to indicate some of
the info on US counters may be inaccurate IE 12 barrels in a armoured 
Divisions Batteries are incorrect it seems they were armed with 18
barrels so I am making corrections on the info but not the att or def
numbers.  Also I am seeing some issues with the British not having the
right type (motorized vs Mechanized artillery pieces) for the landings
and the first few weeks of the invasion.  After I have complete the
update I wanted to ask how should I formally number the Module? Should
we call that Version 1.0 ?

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