[messages] [Module General Discussion] Desert Fox Deluxe module?

Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 20:59:36 CET 2018

Would the Vassal Modules Site be interested in (or, prohibited from)
hosting a Vassal module for Desert Fox Deluxe?

I've completed an upgrade to what is available on the Decision Games
internal Vassal section of their website.  It's size optimized (the
original module has all the files for a *completely unrelated game* in
it, bloating its size to about 85MB in size  :roll: ) and allows custom
map designs (the various scenarios use different combos of the 6 game
maps); also, the map hexes and the many area boxes are labeled and
report movement.  And it has a display to help manage Event (card)s.

Anyway: before I go to all the trouble of creating a new module page and
trying to upload this, I want to know if it is acceptable to the Vassal
crew with their copyright policies... or whether I should restrict my
efforts to "sneakernet" distribution.

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