[messages] [Module General Discussion] Can Breakout Normandy be played solitaire?

ridcully cellos1000 at mail.com
Fri Mar 16 13:24:57 CET 2018

Apologies if this a noob question that everyone knows, but I only
recently discovered Vassal. :D 

Anyhoo, I used to have a copy of Avalon HIll's Breakout Normandy soon
after it was released in 1993. While I thought the game looked very
intriguing I could never find an opponent, and this was in an era where
only a fraction of people were using the internet, so email play wasn't
an option. It collected dust for years before I decided to sell it on
ebay some years ago. It got a good price too! I've since returned to
boardgaming lately and would like to revisit some of of my long lost

I remember Breakout Normandy being touted as good for solitaire play
(the box cover said "for 1-2 players" and I would like to give it a go,
but I don't know much about Vassal. I don't want to spend a lot of my
valuable free time faffing about with the module only to discover that
it can't be played solitaire.

BTW is Squad Leader playable solitaire via Vassal? This is another game
I could never find opponents for. I know it's not inherently suited to
solitaire, but many people play wargames simply by playing each side in

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