[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Vassal won't load modules on new computer

Hakhen01 hakhen01 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 01:28:08 CET 2018


Yesterday I had to invest in a new Surface Pro since my old had seen
better days. On the old one, Vassal ran like a charm. Was quite suprised
to find Vassal wouldn't run (or really, load modules ) on the new one,
using the exact same set up. It seems to freeze or stop once the little
window pops up showing the progress of the load.

I've spent quite a few hours trying to find a solution. So far, no go. 

Old one: Surface 3. Atom, 2 GB. Win 10 (64). Java 6 update 45 (64).
Vassal 3.2.17.

New one: Surface Pro. i5, 8GB. Win 10 (64). Java 6 update 45 (64).
Vassal 3.2.17. 

Anyone experienced anything like this before?


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