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Mattp mpavone at firstlegionltd.com
Wed Sep 5 06:39:30 CEST 2018

"MichaelT" wrote:
> I agree on ASL. I am the same. I play it solely for a year or so and
> then don't touch it for yonks. I find to play it well you have to play
> it exclusively, just to stay on top of the rules and the errata, OMG
> the errata. It never ends. So many other great games out there to play
> rather than just play ASL all the time.

I agree that you have to play it exclusively, but not becuase it's
difficult, becuase to play it well you really have to understand it.  So
it becomes all engrossing.   You touch upon one of other reasons that i
stop playing it periodically which is that there are a lot of other
great games out there from other historical periods.  I'm first and
foremost a Napoleonics guy.   The sad thing though is that it's just far
more difficult to find VASSAL opponents for most games than it is with
ASL.    There are so many games i would play live over VASSAL if i could
get opponents for them......  I had a great time playing Line of Battle
Gettysburg and Antietam with a buddy of mine.   I turn around and look
at my bookcases and there must be 200 board games, many of which I've
been lugging around for 30 years, everything from Wellington's Victory
to Twighlight Struggle, to "Firepower" (which i really used to enjoy!),
to the area movements games that are the basis of this thread.   So many
of these i would play if opponents were easier to get.   

Though i will say that lately i'm more into "systems" than i am into
games.   Systems you learn once and can play a lot of games.  Line of
Battle ACW, ASL, and my latest venture Eagles (hexasim).    

As a true ASL type personality, I recently purchased and have older
copies of a lot of the masochistic Napoleonic La Bataille system of
games.  I've never actually played one of these, but i think i'd like to
before i die......

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