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agathosdaimon rabescathedral at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 11 00:44:49 CEST 2018

hi Tar, actually what i need is i think fairly simple, at least i hope
it is - basically just counters and  the abilitiy to just move them
freely about on the screen and the if the background can just be the
graphic of the game map which i have a jpeg of , does this make sense?
if i can save the game state thats fine, but even thats not necessary,
this is really just to serve as an aid to the simulations canada games i
have (the computer games not the board games) - the simulations canada
computer games were a hybrid in that that dont have any onscreen
graphics themselves, but instead just had an accompanying map. The
versions however that i bought direct from teh developer are all digital
and so in keeping everything digital and much handier, i just wanted to
make teh counters and have move them about on the gridded map

- all this being said, you mentioned that it is easy to create a blank
map witha  grid - can i do this and set the X-Y values for it myself so
they correspond with the games, and can i make it so i can free push the
counters around on the it - so that i can do like approximate placings
etc - ie, a piece might be sitting on teh lines of the grid, while
another might be more in the middle of a grid box

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