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uriah tward3 at bigpond.net.au
Sun Sep 16 07:06:32 CEST 2018

I am playing a solo game of The Battle for Normandy but some months ago 
I changed computers.

I have reinstalled Vassal and the Dietrich module, but for some reason
my save games will no longer allow me to play solo: only as observer or
one or other of the sides.  This gets very frustrating.

Normally I would restart, but in this case I have been publishing an AAR

(https://aargmtsthebattlefornormandyexpa ... press.com/[1]) 

and I don't want to have to stop now.

To make it clear - if I start a new game offline, I can select "Solo",
but if I load a saved game, no option.

The Vassal help does not seem to address this problem.  To be honest, I
don't know if it is VASSAL or the module

I have tried starting a new game and then "continuing" but it will not
load.  I also tried "retiring" - it will not give me the option to go

I thought of editing my save games, but do not know how to open them.

Any advice on how to be able to play my save game as "solo"?

[1] https://aargmtsthebattlefornormandyexpanded.wordpress.com/

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