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JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 01:12:08 CEST 2018

"uriah" wrote:
> I am playing a solo game of The Battle for Normandy but some months
> ago  I changed computers.
> I have reinstalled Vassal and the Dietrich module, but for some reason
> my save games will no longer allow me to play solo: only as observer
> or one or other of the sides.  This gets very frustrating.

The module password you selected on your new computer differs from the
module password that was in use on your old computer. If the old
computer is still running and available you can try determining what the
module password was, or just try changing the module password on the new
computer to different ones you might've used in the past. 

You initially set this password the very first time you open a module on
a given computer--thereafter you aren't prompted for it, and have to
open the module and go into its preferences to subsequently change it.
It is this password that "locks" a player side in a module. 

Here's a very simplified scenario to demonstrate how someone can run
into the problem you're experiencing: 

I open a module on my home computer for the first time and choose the
module password "dog". I start a game using the Solo player side, play a
bit, and email myself the saved game file. 

The next day I open the same module on my work computer for the first
time, but choose the module password "cat". Then I try opening my saved
game. Because my module password now *differs* from the one in use when
I created the saved game file, I am NOT placed into the Solo player
side, and in fact it is unavailable for selection. I go into the module
preferences, change my password to "dog" and then try loading my file
again. I am successfully placed in the Solo player side and can pick up
where I left off. 

Make sense?

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