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NLB is an SPI game, so if a module exists, if won't be found on the
vassalengine website.
See http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/SPI_Game_Titles[1]

As a quad game I'd scan each of the four maps to its own image file.
Add each image as a __Board__ under the __Main Map __component in
In the __Main Map__ component, check "Can contain multiple maps"
After saving the module and loading it for play, you will be prompted to
select the map.
For multi-map scenarios, you _add a row_ and _add a column_ to the
layout, selecting a board for each quadrant.

As for scanning, check your local copy and office supply stores to see
if they offer large format scanning. (I've seen it called engineering
scan or blueprint scan.) My local Staples office supply store does large
scans for $1.90 each -- I bring in my maps and a flash drive to save the

Since I don't intend to reprint these images to paper, 300 dpi is
sufficient for my needs, saved as tiff or pdf. Rescale as desired in
your graphics application -- save vmod images as jpg or png -- each
board image has to be cropped precisely (with the same pixel dimensions)
so it aligns correctly when displayed in the Main Map row and column

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/SPI_Game_Titles

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