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kerkael kerkael at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 00:09:32 CEST 2019

Hi, I fought to find that one :)

First, uncheck the "Include command to send entire deck to another
deck". It can't be restricted.
Then, add a __Deck Global Key Command__ to that deck :
/Name will be displayed as an option to the deck, when you right click :
Send to Deck A
/Global Command: __SendToA__
/Matching properties: empty
/Affect: __All pieces__

Third, add these 2 traits to each card of the deck, probably through a
-__Return to Deck__
/Menu Text: This can be hidden or disabled for individual cards
/__Keyboard Command__: SendToA
/Select Deck: Deck A (or if you prefer, choose destination at game time)

-__Restrict Command__
/Restriction Disable (or hide ?)
/__Restrict when properties match__: {map =~ "cards"||map =~ "hand"||map
=~ "research"} Indeed, the restriction MUST be set to the option is NOT
visible once the card has been sent to a map. Example.
/__Restrict these Key Commands: SentToA__

Ensure the Restrict Command is BELOW the Return to Deck.
You can then adapt all the restrictions you want, so the Deck option may
not be used by all the players.
Tell me if you have issues with this.

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