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Shoobeh tommanordstrom at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 14:34:25 CEST 2019

"Jardic" wrote:
> I use 7zip, it allows you to add/remove files without unzipping a
> file. have a copy of the module opened in edit mode. before deleting a
> file check to ensure that its not currently the one being used.
> Another thing I do. when I update a .png, .jpeg ect. copy the new
> picture over the old one (same name). 
> 1. Then in vassal editor go to the link to that picture.
> 2. link to a different graphic already in use, say ok.
> 3. reopen and re-link to original name.
> As long an you use same graphic names, vassal doesn't include new
> files to the VMOD.
> HOWEVER be careful I use multiple folders for organization when making
> a module.
> Nothing will destroy a module quicker than calling 2 (two) identically
> named files into a VMOD.

Thanks for your reply! 

So if i understand you correctly? I can't just replace one .png file
with another (using the exact same name) and then expect it to work. I
need to re-link each picture through vassal even though they have the
same name? I'm hoping this is not the case because i have 1500 pictures
i need to re-link in that case. I think it will be easier to redo the
whole mod in that case.

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