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mike0liver m.oliver121 at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 14 13:18:04 CEST 2019

I am designing a game and accompanying Vassal module. The game is played
on a plain game board with a hexagonal grid overlay. To represent a
terrain over which the counters (representing military units) move, I
wish to place hexagonal terrain tiles. When the units battle, they
require the placement of small circular markers on their surface to
indicate  morale level, etc.

I have created the map board, designed the military units in GIMP and
inserted them into the module. The circular markers were likewise
produced in GIMP and inserted in the module. Now comes my problem. I can
place the terrain tiles and military unit counters on to the mapboard
but, when I try to place a circular counter on to a military unit, it
snaps to a point just to the bottom left of the counter - I assume on a
part of the counter's background. This background seems to be part of
the canvas on which the counter was designed in GIMP. I have made this
background transparent in GIMP but this has no effect - the map board
shows through but the circular counter still snaps to an apparent
hotspot. The hexagonal counters stack on one another without a problem
and can be moved over the map board. This circular counters 

Can anybody tell me how to resolve this issue - either by appropriate
steps within the Vassal module or by taking some action in GIMP whilst
creating the counters? Or is there something at work here that requires
a completely different approach?


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