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mike0liver m.oliver121 at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 18 12:05:50 CEST 2019

I guess not knowing the game must make it very difficult to follow my
ramblings. The concept I have in mind is very simple but I am very much
learning the Vassal language. Back in my youth, I did a little Basic
programming but Vassal is way beyond anything I played with.

The game derives from a miniatures wargame. A block of soldiers (a
rectangular brigade counter in the Vassal module) has a theoretical
commander (brigadier). His abilities are represented by a small stack of
Command Pts (CPs) which are tiddlywinks placed beside his miniature and
which he spends to influence dice rolls when appropriate. Each game
turn, he receives a fresh batch of tiddlywinks for that turn.

The game map (representing the wargame table) has a hex grid
superimposed to regulate movement and combat. Terrain is represented by
hexagonal tiles placed where required and the brigade pieces move across
these tiles which can affect their movement and combat.

I want to replicate these effects in my Vassal module. The terrain tiles
must be placeable on the module map and remain in place throughout the
game. The brigade counters must be moveable across the entire map
(including the terrain tiles) and engage in combat with enemy brigades.
During the ensuing combat, I need to be able to delete CP counters one
at a time and occasionally move them between brigadiers to represent

The concept of "Layer Traits" is something I am finding it hard to get
my head around although I'm getting a glimmer from your description. I
play a number of Vassal modules (e.g. Crown of Roses & Commands &
Colors) so am familiar with the mouse-over stack viewer which I don't
think I'll need in my game.

I don't want to monopolise your time but, if it would be helpful, I
could send a copy of my wargame rules and an example of how a turn of
combat plays out. I'm sure, once I've cracked it, the programming will
be clear but, right now, I'm somewhat in the dark. I do appreciate your
help so far and would really like to overcome the problems. Thanks.


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