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Tue Jun 18 15:42:32 CEST 2019

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I'm attaching an extremely minimal module demonstrating some (but not
all) of what you can do with Layer traits. 

The green unit on the right shows the most basic "on/off" layer that
activates and deactivates with the same command. All it's doing is
showing another image on top of the base unit image. 

The orange unit on the left is more in line with what I personally would
implement based on the description you provided. The Layer has multiple
levels in it, each with its own image (varying number of CP). Instead of
controlling the Layer directly, you actually have the user (unwittingly)
manipulate a Dynamic Property to adjust the numerical value. The Layer
is configured to essentially "listen" to the value of that property to
know which image to display on top of the base unit image (or no image
at all in the case where CP = 0, i.e. they are all gone).

Note that we're jetting off to France for a week's vacation tomorrow, so
I will be unavailable until I return. I'll try to remember to check back
and see if any of this has helped.
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