[messages] [Module Design] Please help - my saved mod never updated and I’ve lost weeks

RGG r_grein_au at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 22 14:55:36 CEST 2019


Can anyone help me please.

I used a previous module to use as the basis of a new module. I renamed
it and have saved regularly.

Unfortunately I accidentally hit the ‘remove’ module with a missed
mouse click.

I went to reload the module I had been saving BUT....it loaded up the
original module I based the new mod on!!!! 

Is there anyway to recover the file I have been saving the all along?

Is it saved somewhere else in vassal? How can I keep loading my saved
module and then when I reload into the program it sees the original file
from weeks ago??????

Please help me recover my hours and hours of work if you can.

Thank you.

Unhappy Wanderer

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