[messages] [Module Support] D-day at Omaha Beach. Delayed At-start Tanks gives error.

PeterLageri peterlag at youmail.dk
Wed Jun 26 22:29:55 CEST 2019


At Start there are 8 Tanks. Usually 2-3 of them become delayed one turn
and thus returned to the turn track Turn 2.

When they are to enter their respective landing boxes in turn 2 I get
the error:  

- Bad Data in Module: 2/B/741 [Send to Location - Send Unit from Track
to Arrival] - Region not found Region[{If(TurnCount<10,$LZ$,$LZ10$)}]=

I suspect that the reason is that the At-Start Tanks do not have a Turn
number on the counter for entry but I can't be sure.

I can always move the delayed tanks manually but how can this error be

Best Regards
Peter Rasch Lageri

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