[messages] [Module General Discussion] Any fix for the tiny font issue?

jimpyle jimpyle48 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 5 00:23:15 CET 2019

Some posted this over on ConsimWorld I think:

For Win 10 users the fix is this: 

1. Right click on the VASSAL icon, then click More -> Open File
Location, which opens a file explorer window containing the actual
VASSAL shortcut. 

2. Right click on the shortcut, then click Properties from the context

3. In the properties window click the Compatibility tab. 

4. Check the box for "Override high DPI scaling behavior" 

5. In the Scaling performed by drop down list, select "System." 

6. Save the settings and launch VASSAL. 

7. Enjoy the nice legible app we all know and love

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