[messages] [Module Design] Add back Definition of Player Sides?

eljayplay info at eljayplay.com
Mon Mar 4 00:27:02 CET 2019

When I first built my module, I had no need for player sides, so I
deleted the Definition of Player Sides node (I'm OCD about keeping work
kruft free, and also having the retire button visible for no reason
annoyed me). I can't find any reputable information about getting the
node back into my module (there has to be a way). I found a post in this
forum about copying stuff from a blank module's buildfile, but that does
not work because Windows 10 won't allow you to insert the edited
buildfile back into the module archive (and if I extract the whole
module, I can't re-archive it as a working .vmod).

Any pointers? Really seems odd that a node can't be replaced...

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