[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Seeking a partner for World in Flames beginner game

Ronster capakens at comcast.net
Fri Mar 8 22:24:58 CET 2019


    I played about 4 games of World in Flames about 10 years ago.  So in
that respect I am a beginner because I would have to re-learn the game. 
 In playing vassal, the program does not enforce the rules and you have
to know the rules pretty good to play on it.  I to own Matrix World in
Flames and I have played only one turn in the Barbarossa scenario.  I
realized that I did not remember to much.
    Might I make a suggestion, use Matrix World in Flames to play
because it enforces the rules.  I would be willing to have a go with it
but I am limited on the time I can play.  My best times are Saturday,
Sunday, and Monday.  It would be a slow paced game.  Maybe it would work
with you as you will be getting a job, finals, and all that.  Also,
Matrix would be a lot easier to start over if you think you have messed
up to much.  Maybe start and play the first two months and then reload. 
Would this work with you?


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