[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Turning off the LOS Thread

Lerrance shedinebrian at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 11:36:04 CET 2019

"drimmer" wrote:
> The game module I am working on uses the LOS Thread. 
> I have some functionality in the game module that requires that I
> first check to see if the LOS Thread is active and if so end it before
> proceeding with the functionality. How best to do this?
> This is not the same as permanently disabling the LOS Thread. I want
> that to be available to users. I just need to stop it if it is active
> when the user initiates another specific activity (not any and all
> other actions, just certain ones). 
> Any pointers/advice much appreciated. This is my first time posting in
> the VASSAL forums. If I should be in a different one, let me know. 
> Thanks!

Have you figured out how to do this drimmer?

Read this topic online here:

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