[messages] [Module Design] Avoiding module time out

RGG r_grein_au at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 9 22:30:45 CEST 2019


There are a few threads that talk about timeout issues in a module when
no activity in the module is detected ie pieces aren’t being moved,
etc. this requires players to reconnect to the server and log back on.

How could I make a very simple loop action I can apportion to a piece
that triggers activity on the piece without requiring a player to do
more than ‘turn on the loop’ of activity at game start. The idea
being to set the piece up somewhere on the board with this loop on the
piece going  so messages are being sent to the ISP to keep the game
‘alive’ with commands from this piece.

This would prevent having to log off and back on again. I find my game
times out after about 5 minutes with no activity.

Any tip or trick to prevent this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Happy Wanderer.

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