[messages] [General Discussion] Could I play Vassal on a Chromebook?

fatgreta fatgreta1066 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 03:53:31 CEST 2019

"fsiefken" wrote:
> Hi, you could if you manage to install ubuntu through for example
> crouton.
> https://www.linux.com/tutorials/how-eas ... k-crouton/[1]
> ubuntu runs java, in a similar way I managed to install Vassal on my
> Oculus Quest ad Go so I've got a bigger screen to play with. They run
> a locked down version of Android, but it's possible to get it working
> through termux and vnc. You definitely need more advanced linux
> experience, but it's possible.

All of that except knowing what ubuntu is is Greek to me, so I'm going
to assume it's over my head, but thanks for trying to help (even if I'm
beyond all real help..)

[1] https://www.linux.com/tutorials/how-easily-install-ubuntu-chromebook-crouton/

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