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BazLak davemorello at comcast.net
Sun Oct 20 16:31:06 CEST 2019

Rule 12.2 in Afrika Korps is all wrong. The redesigners really messed
up. It states that the Germans don't get supply on the first trun
because they don't have a port.

But the rules clearly state that "home base" is a port. Units can sea
move there, etc.

So the Germans HAVE a port, but the person/s who re-wrote the rules
didn't get it. 

Rule 12.2 says the Germans don't get supply on the first turn because of
no port. But the reason for no 1st turn supply is actually because the
Germans START with a supply unit. Unsaid in the original game is that
the German supply already arrived at port (home base) the first turn, so
1st turn supply is actually AUTOMATIC (it's already on board), but the
rules only state that there is no supply ROLL for the turn.

So, to play Afrika Korps, you have to disregard rule 12.2, as it is
non-sensical, and negates the rules of sea movement.


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