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iam2509 stephen.oliver at juno.com
Tue Oct 22 00:33:59 CEST 2019

Vassal property minus one question

I have set it up to have the "Reset to Level" go to $HullAmount$. The
picture shows the Layer commands and this works perfectly. The player
can manually set the $HullAmount$ to say 18 and it will go to Level 18.
(The player sets HullAmount through a Dynamic Property which then
triggers the Reset to Level command).

<!-- ia0 -->Vassal question.png<!-- ia0 -->

But how do I set it up to have the "Reset to Level" go to $HullAmount$
minus one? I want Vassal to go to Level 17 when the player enters 18 for
$Hull Amount$. It seems simple to me but

I have tried everything with and without the GetProperty command and
everything comes up error non-numeral result.

Thanks for any help.
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