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GGdeTOURS ggleize at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 25 03:05:35 CEST 2019

"Malnorma" wrote:
> "GGdeTOURS" wrote:
> > Last info: It seems to depend on TIME very much.
> > 
> > If I shut down and re-open my computer many times during the first
> > hours: The modules are still here. But After let say 8 hours or
> > more: If I shut down and re-open my computer: The modules (and
> > extensions) have disappeared again.
> > Sooo strange ...
> Yes, it's like the OS is granting a temporary exception that expires,
> often after a reboot.  I set up a test yesterday with three vmods
> under /Users/Shared, one in my Downloads folder, and one in my
> Documents folder.  This morning, the Shared vmods are still listed,
> but the other two have been dropped.
> Have you tried moving your modules to /Users/Shared?

Trying it tonight > We'll see tomorrow ;)

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