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ClaudioC claudio.ciardelli at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 17:27:43 CET 2019

"uckelman" wrote:
> "ClaudioC" wrote:
> > Joel,
> > I am playing an OCS Tunisia II game with 3.3.0.
> > One general remark, as I noticed that with other modules I opened
> > yesterday, is that the game menu icons and the game board itself are
> > displayed at a much higher "zoom" (not sure it is the right term
> > here) than 3.2.17. 
> > So for the same zoom level in the game, the hexes and counters look
> > bigger, but also you see more the individual pixels of the images.
> > 
> > You notice that straight away by looking at the hex lines that look
> > more jagged in 3.3.0.
> > 
> > I do not know if that change in resolution from 3.2.17 is voluntary,
> > but it seems to have negative an impact (in my opinion) on the look
> > of the game. On the other hand, the Vassal control box (where all
> > available modules are listed) is also bigger, and that is a good
> > point.
> > 
> > Hope this helps,
> > Claudio
> I can't replicate this. Can you post screenshots of both?

Hello Joel,
I figured out why 3.3.0 seems to display everything with a kind of zoom.
I have setup my windows display properties to have a zoom of 125. (You
can set that by right clicking on the desktop background and selecting
Display Parameters (well in French it is "Paramètres d'Affichage". That
opens a Win 10 parameter screen where above the Display Resolution you
have a Dropdown titled "Modify the size of Text, Applications and other
elements" where I had set it to 125 just after installing Win 10.

THis 125% setting seems to be ignored by 3.2.17 whereas it is taken into
account by 3.3.0. 

So in fact it is not an issue, but a new way to react to that parameter.
For the "Manager window" (where all the modules are listed) it is nice
that this happens, but if it could be controlled in the code of Vassal,
it would be better that the Game Maps do not react to this Windows
setting, as the bitmap of the game does not seem to be magnified well by


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