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marktb1961 markben61 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 09:13:56 CET 2019

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At first, my experience led me to suspect that this bug triggered when
players drew cards simultaneously.  However, in a recent game it
occurred when cards were definitely drawn by one player at a time. It
happened at the start of the game; I had drawn and had my hand window
still open whilst the other player drew his hand.  On clicking on my
hand window, a card (the same one) disappeared from both our hands. The
hand count I then noticed was completely corrupt (e.g. 2 cards for one
player, when in fact he had more). Much of this was probably coincidence
but I will now try to ensure that players close their hand window whilst
the other draws - easier said than done during a game - and check hands
after each draw.

I have only ever noticed this happen with command cards but it happens
with both types of deck. 

I do not recall experiencing the issue over many, many PBEM games.

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