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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
12824 VASSAL Player uckelman NEW --- Improved max heap heuristic for image tiler 2020-06-22
13000 VASSAL Editor bugs NEW --- Update Module Editor online Reference Manual pages 2020-06-22
13012 VASSAL Editor bugs NEW --- Consistent Help Window opening and Preference to select internal or external window. 2020-06-22
12560 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: ExecutionException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "0.500000in" 2020-06-22
12713 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3 >= 3 2020-06-22
12749 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: IllegalArgumentException: Width (0) and height (0) must be > 0 2020-06-22
12967 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: NumberFormatException: null 2020-06-22
12980 VASSAL Editor bugs NEW --- SET GLOBAL PROPERTY - Beanshell expression incorrectly tries to "simplify" expression and generates incorrect result. 2020-06-22
13014 VASSAL Editor bugs NEW --- ZIP ARCHIVE / EDITOR - Module editor frequently stuck thinking module isn't writeable. 2020-06-22
13022 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: ClassCastException: class javax.swing.KeyStroke cannot be cast to class (javax.swing.KeyStroke is in module java.desktop of loader 'bootstrap'; is in unnamed module of loader 'app') 2020-06-22
13032 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: IllegalArgumentException: (minimum <= value <= maximum) is false 2020-06-22
13042 VASSAL Editor bugs NEW --- NON-RECTANGULAR pieces laid over top one another can cause selection errors 2020-06-22
13114 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: InternalError: Surface not cachable 2020-06-22
13121 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: NullPointerException 2020-06-22
13124 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Remove unused deprecated functions, members 2020-06-22
13125 VASSAL Unknown bugs NEW --- ABR: ConcurrentModificationException 2020-06-22
12999 VASSAL Editor b.easton ASSI --- Add Beanshell functions to generate Random results 2020-06-22
13129 VASSAL Player brian ASSI --- HTML Chatter Thu 16:32
12554 VASSAL Player brian ASSI --- UNDO only partially undoes certain moves - particularly if moving piece is moved a second time by the trigger it generates by moving on the map. 2020-06-22
12850 VASSAL Player bugs ASSI --- At-Start Stacks may contain pieces from different layers. Strange problems when you try and move them. Sun 21:28
12576 VASSAL Player stew ASSI --- At-Start stack attaches to first board listed in module, even if that board wasn't selected by player and is inactive. Sun 21:14
13126 VASSAL Player uckelman ASSI --- Right mouse button and Control-Click broken on Mac OS X Mon 22:41
22 bugs found.
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