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55 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
12538 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Decks report multiple shuffles after loading saved game 2020-08-27
12824 VASSAL Player uckelman NEW --- Improved max heap heuristic for image tiler 2020-06-22
2983 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Keep game passwords in local password store 2020-06-22
3204 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Improve Bug Dialog text to encourage users to reproduce bugs and provide contact info 2020-06-22
3210 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Prevent private message windows from stealing focus 2020-06-22
4113 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Action Buttons on counters do not respect Rotation 2020-06-22
4324 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Selected piece border error - Still happening 3.3.2 - (and boundingBox size changes when movement trails turned on!) 2020-08-11
4678 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Add text label to decks. 2020-06-22
13321 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Wizard dialog is sometimes created behind the main vassal window. 2020-08-24
13497 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Deck / Hand fall into corrupt state causing cards to be "dealt" from opponents hand 2020-11-03
3211 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Make animated GIFs display as animated 2020-06-22
3234 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Recenter pieces button does not respect hex grid centering. 2020-06-22
3242 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- .wav Player 2020-06-22
3931 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Registered filetypes and associated Icons 2020-08-03
4037 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Kill the "Ignore all messages from X?" dialog 2020-06-22
9813 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Mouse Over Stack Viewer does not work for non-owners of visible to all Player's hand 2020-06-22
9973 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Impossible to remove a LOS thread after log replay 2020-06-22
11372 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Ability to circumvent private window visibility 2020-06-22
11540 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Maximum limit of Global Property is not respected by the SetGlobalProperty trait 2020-07-13
12106 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Allow modules to log when another user saves the game 2020-06-22
13180 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Vassal high priority prompts such as file save confirm and Alert() messages may appear underneath module windows 2020-07-16
13183 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- PLAYER ROSTER - A player changing sides should generate a message in the chat log 2020-07-16
13357 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Report trait to support Get() & Count() functions. 2020-09-01
13382 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- SVG of text with stroke is rendered incorrectly in Vassal layer 2020-10-14
13390 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Make Server Login more intuitive for new users (Stiglr) 2020-09-07
13428 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Build a Module level Piece Indexer that indexes locations and properties of all pieces 2020-09-17
13445 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Label text cut off during dragging 2020-09-22
13446 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Pieces in a stack have the wrong distance to each other while dragging 2020-09-22
13465 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Create a Hash of save string and record in metadata of save/log file. Test on Load Continuation. 2020-09-30
13500 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Ability to increase text size in various text base components 2020-10-09
13536 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- MAC/KEYBOARD - Fn key on Mac produces spurious characters in chat log 2020-10-21
13549 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Received this Bug report 2020-10-24
13566 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Inventory trait - Add a Zoom option 2020-10-28
13568 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Log replay - Selected piece highlight is drawn above MouseOverStackViewer image 2020-10-29
13606 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Officially support Beanshell functionality in Report Formats 2020-11-11
13670 VASSAL Player bugs NEW --- Button image doesn't appear in Toolbar menu Fri 00:33
13145 VASSAL Player stew NEW --- Send Hot Key ignored by Deck 2020-07-20
2982 VASSAL Player uckelman TRIA --- Password collisions prevent users from choosing sides 2010-09-24
13485 VASSAL Player b.easton TRIA --- PieceSlot.getAttributeValueString stack overflow - race condition when asked for attribute that isn't there. 2020-10-05
13472 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- "Send to Deck" function creates "phantom cards" in proportion to the number of game starts Mon 12:45
4300 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- Deck Empty Hotkey fired by remote clients when adding first card to deck 2013-07-28
12517 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- Hex Grid range is calculated incorrectly 2015-08-08
13341 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- BasicLogger is setting the Mnemonic key as 1st char of Menu options. Needs i18n. 2020-10-10
13420 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- Create a PieceWrapper class that is applied as the top Decorator to every GamePiece 2020-09-15
13203 VASSAL Player claudio.ciardelli ASSI --- Refresh Counters causes Pieces within Decks to expand. 2020-10-22
13232 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- GP/DP "Is Numeric" option de-selected but still active when playing 2020-10-27
13401 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- Review and Improve error messages cause by Beanshell evaluation errors in GKC's 2020-09-19
13443 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- C&C Ancients Cards drawing face down and inaccessible 2020-09-28
13460 VASSAL Player b.easton ASSI --- Improve Locale Configurer 2020-09-28
13273 VASSAL Player brian ASSI --- Should use Apple's preferred order to list modifier keys on Mac 2020-08-13
13274 VASSAL Player brian ASSI --- Should use Apple's modifier key symbols for Command, Alt/Option, and Control 2020-08-13
13565 VASSAL Player brian ASSI --- DiceButton using 'Prompt values at run-time' crashes when creating dialog 2020-10-28
12850 VASSAL Player bugs ASSI --- At-Start Stacks may contain pieces from different layers. Strange problems when you try and move them. 2020-07-12
12537 VASSAL Player claudio.ciardelli ASSI --- Labels with no text is overwritten with default text when cloning pieces 2020-10-27
13539 VASSAL Player claudio.ciardelli ASSI --- Game Refresher resets Labels to editor setting if any of the Text Label attributes (ex;text color) have changed Fri 22:31
55 bugs found.
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