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Applications: The VASSAL engine and associated applications.
VASSAL The VASSAL game engine.
Modules: Game modules for VASSAL.
5th Fleet 5th Fleet is the fourth game in Victory Games popular Fleet Series (including Sixth Fleet, 2nd Fleet, and 7th Fleet). It examines the strengths and weaknesses of the Soviet and American navies, plus their respective allies, in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.
A Study in Emerald The module for A Study in Emerald
Commands & Colors: Napoleonics The C&C:N Module
Other Modules The product for VASSAL modules without a dedicated product.
Sixth Fleet The Sixth Fleet module
Through the Ages The Through the Ages module.
Twilight Struggle The Twilight Struggle module.
VASL The Virtual Advanced Squad Leader module.
VSQL The Virtual Squad Leader module.
Website: Issues related to the VASSAL website.
Website The VASSAL website.