Corsair Fame

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April 1587. Francis Trenchard, corsair protected by the crown of England, goes to the West Indies with the mission to undermine Spanish power in those latitudes. Intervening enemy merchant traffic, transfer agents to strategic points of the islands, surprise attacks convoys of heavy Spanish galleons laden with gold and silver, well escorted. The Corsair will ally with favorable winds to carry out such risky firms. The distances are very long without help of the winds. The islands and the rich convoys are very far without constant winds. And the time is short. Two short months to give a couple of blows to the hegemonic power that threatens the interests of the other islands in the Old World, the home of the corsair Francis Trenchard.

Corsair´s Fame has been designed with Vassal and PSP9 programs, fully automated, only one screen to play. The author seeks editor