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The Devil's Cauldron


Selecting and Moving

Just click on a counter to select it. You can select multiple counters at once by clicking and dragging a rectangle to surround the counters.

Just click and drag to move a counter, or a stack of counters. Counters will automatically snap to the center of the destination hex on the main map. An unexpanded stack can be moved like a single counter.

Double-click on a stack of counters to expand the stack to see the individual counters. Individual counters can now be moved out of the stack. In an expanded stack, you can use the arrow keys to move individual counters up and down the stack.

  • Up Arrow moves the counter to the top of the stack.
  • Down Arrow moves the counter to the bottom of the stack.
  • Right Arrow moves the counter up one position.
  • Left Arrow moves the counter down one position.

Counter Commands

Right-click on a counter to display a menu of commands that can be performed on the counter. Different counters will have different sets of commands, depending on what type of counter they are. Here is an example of a menu for an Infantry counter:
Counter menu.png
Note that each command has a keyboard shortcut. Once a counter (or multiple counters) is selected, instead of right-clicking and selecting the menu command, you can just use the keboard shortcut instead. For example, you can press the <Control> and F keys together to 'Flip' a counter over.

The full range of possible Counter commands for Combat units is currently:

  • Activate <Ctrl A> Toggle the display of the Activation marker on the counter.
  • Deactivate <Ctrl D> Remove the Activation marker from the counter.
  • Column <Ctrl C> Toggle the display of the Column mode maker.
  • Entrench <Ctrl E> Place an Entrenchment marker over the counter.
  • Flip <Ctrl F> Flip the counter over to show its other side.
  • Graveyard <Ctrl G> Send the counter to the graveyard map when it has been eliminated from play.
  • Cohesion Hit <Ctrl H> Place a Cohesion Hit marker over the counter.
  • IP <Ctrl I> Place an IP marker over the counter.
  • Change Label <Ctrl L> Add or Edit the text of a small label that is attached to the counter.
  • Mark Moved <Ctrl M> Change the state of the counters' 'has moved' marker.
  • Step Loss <Ctrl O> Display a Step Loss by flipping the counter or addint a Step Loss marker.
  • Suppressed <Ctrl S> Place a Suppression marker over the counter.
  • Movement Trail <Ctrl T> Toggle the display of the counters' movement trail.
  • Mount/Unmount <Ctrl U> Show/Hide a counters Organic Transport side.
  • Men at Work <Ctrl W> Place a Men at Work marker over the counter.

Movement Marker and Movement Trails

Whenever a moveable combat counter is moved on the map, a small yellow marker appears underneath the movement allowance on the counter to remind you that this counter has already been moved this activation:
Movement marker.png
This marker can be cleared for an individual counter by right-clicking on it an selecting the Mark Moved command or by selecitng the counter and type the <Ctrl> M keyboard shortcut.

The movement marker can be cleared for all counters on the map at once by clicking on the MOV button at the right-hand end of the launch bar Mov btn.png.

Whenver a counter is moved, the hexes it moves through are remembered. You can show where the counter has been by using the Movement Trail command:
The trail is shown at half transparency when the unit is not selected. Use the Movement Trail command again to turn the trail off. The trail is also turned off whenever the counter is marked as 'Not Moved'. Your opponed cannot see the movement trails you turn on and off.