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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Dynamic Property


This trait attaches a Property to a Game Piece and allows you to define commands to change the value of the property during play.

Name   The name of the property.
Value The value of the property at the start of a new game.
''''Is Numeric If true, then changes to the value of the property will be restricted to integer values.
Minimum Value   Numeric values will be restricted to no less than this number.
Maximum Value   Numeric values will be restricted to no more than this number.
Wrap Around   If true, then when incrementing this numeric property, values will wrap around from the maximum to the minimum.
Key Commands   Adds any number of commands to the right-click drop-down menu for this Game Piece.   Hit the
New button to add a new command and the Remove button to remove one.   For each command, specify the text of the drop-down menu entry and the keyboard shortcut.   The' type defines how the property value should change:   Set value directly sets the property to a fixed value, after substituting values of other Properties defined for this Game Piece.   Increment numeric value adds a fixed value to the property, after substituting values of Properties.   Prompt user pops up a dialog for the user to type in a new value.   Prompt user to select from list pops up a dialog with a drop-down menu for the user to select from.