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Thee Tymes

4/6/1999, 6 gold crowns

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Out of the Forest, into the light!

Any sane man had always suspected the forests of the Empire were home to outrageous and unnatural beasts, and so, despite our horror, it was little surprise when bands of wild 'beast-men' emerged from their woodland homes to rampage across the city.

The point of this article is not to rehash known facts however, rather it is to report a somewhat more unusual band that has hit the area in a frenzy of blood and battles. We all know that the greenskinned enemy of man, those orcs and goblins, come from the mountains, having been forced out of the Empire in the time of Sigmar.

Which makes the emergence of a goblin warband from the woods seem most odd and intriguing. Our correspondants have not been able to encounter these greenskins first hand, but have been diligently been compiling eyewitness accounts in order to develop an opinion on these most unusual goblins and deliver it to you, dear reader.

The reports we have recieved indicate that this band is remarkably primitive, even for greenskins with weapons made of stone and wood rather than good steel. Also they appear to be far more aggressive than the breeds of goblin encountered up until now, one witness described them as "downright psychotic", another as "frothing loonies". As a side note we mention that all our witnesses so far have been fanatical Sigmarites, so we at Thee Tymes caution those of a religious nature to be aware of this new threat.

We will be sure to feature more on these raging goblins from the forest as we learn more about them.

Death and Threats - What stalks the night?

Yesterday two Sisters of Sigmar were found dead on the outskirts of the Temple Quarter, their bodies had been hacked and slashed with bladed weapons, suggesting they died in battle. The corpses were piled on top of one another against the wall of disgraced alchemist Jontun Hicklebach's residence and a message was scrawled on the wall in what appeared to be the women's own blood. We repeat it here for your enlightenment.

  Leave the wyrdstone and go, man-things! Those who stay will die in the night!

Hicklebach refuted claims that he was to blame for the deaths, despite previous evidence implying he has taken part in rituals involving human sacrifice. He then went on to spout some nonsense about "rat-daemons". The matter remains unresolved and the author of this message is a mystery. Thee Tymes would like to solve this, anyone with pertinent information will find a drop box in the office.

Madame Fortuna Predicts!

 *There will be great battles and much death between those in pursuit of hidden stones!
 *Man will turn against his fellow man at a time when they should unite against the Great Enemy!
 *Children will be born malformed, unnatural but not purged in righteous fire!
 *Men who have lost companions will flee back home rather than pursuing revenge against their killers!