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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Global Options

Settings that apply to the module as a whole.  If an option has a "Use Preferences Setting" choice, selecting it will add an entry Preferences window to allow players to choose their own setting at game time.

Allow non-owners to unmask pieces: By default, only the player who originally masked a piece (see the Mask trait for Game Pieces) is allowed to unmask it. This option allows other player to unmask a masked piece

Center on opponent's moves:  This option will center a map window in an opponent's move when reading a logfile or receiving a move on the server.

Auto-report moves:  This option will automatically report a text description (e.g. "3rd Cav moves A10 ->B11") to the chat area of the control window whenever a player moves a piece in a Map Window.

Player Id format:   A Message Format that is used to identify players when typing chat text.   It is available for use as a short-cut other message formats such as move auto-reporting.

Icons and hotkeys: You can specify your own button icons and keyboard shortcuts for the logfile step/undo buttons and the button that shows/hides the server controls.



You may add your own arbitrary preference settings to the global options. The different sub-components support different constraints on the values of the preference setting. The values of these preference setting are exposed as Properties

You must save and re-load the module before these sub-components will show up in the Preferences window

String Preference

A simple string value.

Text Box Preference

A multi-line string value.

Drop-down List Preference

A drop-down from which the user selects from a list of specified values.

Whole Number

An integer value.

Decimal Number Preference

A floating-point value.

Checkbox Preference

A true/false value.