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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Hex Grid

A standard hexagonal grid for regulating movement on a Board.  

Sideways: Check this box to make the hexrows of the grid run right-to-left instead of top-to-bottom. (Setting the grid to be sideways switches the meanings of horizontal/vertical and x/y below.)

X,Y offset: The horizontal and vertical position of the center of the first hex of the grid

Hex Height/Width: in pixels from hex center to hex center. If you specify only the height, the width will adjust, or you can create oblong hexes by also specifying a width

Legal Locations: Determines whether pieces can be placed on hex edges or corners, instead of only at hex centers.

Show Grid: If checked, then the grid will be drawn over the Board image using the specified color.



Grid Numbering

Used to assign names to hexes on the grid.  Used primarily for automatically reporting moves.