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House Rules

1. 3 Warbands maximum per player. If you want more you must ask me. (RagingGoblin or Diabl0658) And all of your warbands will have to be well developed.

2. Climbing - Must be in base contact with the building to climb it at the start of your turn. All Buildings are 2 inches high the only exception to this is freestanding walls unattached to buildings or on roofs of buildings these are just 1" high** so will take 4 inches to climb.

3. Charging and climbing - You may do this, aslong as you can see the guy on the roof. If you make a sucessful init test to climb minus 4" from your charge distance. But the models will fight in initiative order.

4. Shamans/mages get to pick their first spell... This only applies when first creating the warband.

5. Captured prisoners may be executed.

6. Any warbands routing whilst members of the band are holding wyrdstone tokens those warbands will keep the wyrdstone for post game purposes. This does not apply if the scenario does not allow routing, in which case they are dropped where the model was standing

7. Night Goblin Squigs, and all other squigs must bounce in a straight line.

8. If a model on a roof can see another enemy model on a roof. He must shoot at the enemy on a roof rather than at a ground level model as he represents a more iminent threat.

9. Ruins work the same way as any other terrain. If you can see any part of a model amongst a ruins you can shoot it with the usual modifiers.

10. You must always roll for a scenario, and only after players have agreed to play.

11. You must play a standard scenario, unless you have atleast 3 players, in which case you use Chaos on the Streets rules

12. The Pit Fighter skill may not be used on roofs of buildings

13. All large targets are considered to be 2" tall. Small models such as dogs, sguigs and nurglings are considered to be exactly 1/2" tall. Normal sized models(including goblins, halflings and dwarves) are considered to be 1" tall. And yes, we measured the actual model to be sure, so dont ask us about it

14. If there is an obstacle that does not overlap the LOS, yet still touches it, LOS is considered to be completely blocked.

15. You may not have 2 lances on a single warrior

16. Warchains may not be purchased or used