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VASSAL Reference Manual

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Text Label


This trait displays a text label along with a piece.  The text of the label can be fixed or specifiable by a player at game time.

Description: A comment that will be displayed in a trait list. If left blank, the trait will be identified as "Text Label".

Example: unit name will result in the trait being shown as:

Text Label - unit name

Text:   The starting value for the label text.   Properties of the piece are substituted as in a Message Format. By enclosing the text within tags, you can use simple HTML format to specify various colors, fonts and sizes.  
Example: <html><b>Bold text</b><p>with a line break<p>and <font color=red>different</font> <font color=blue>colors</font></html> will display as:

Bold text
with a line break
and different colors

Name Format:   A Message Format   that specifies how the name of this piece will be reported:   pieceName is the name of the piece excluding the label, label is the value of the label text (including, unfortunately, HTML tags).   If the label is empty, then the default name of the piece is always used.
Menu Command:  If not blank, gives the text of the corresponding menu item in the piece's right-click menu
Menu key command:  If blank, the text of the label is permanent.  If set, then gives the keyboard command to set the text of the label
Font:Text is drawn using this font.
Font size / Bold / Italic:The text is drawn at this size, optionally in bold or italics.
Text Color:  The text is drawn using this color.
Background Color:  The text is drawn within a solid rectangle of this color.   Hit Select and then Cancel to use a transparent background.
Vertical Position:  Draw the label with the given offset from the top, bottom, or center of the piece.
Horizontal Position:  Draw the label with the given offset from the left, right, or center of the piece.
Vertical justification:   Whether the top edge, bottom edge, or center of the label will be drawn at the Vertical Position specified above.
Horizontal justification:   Whether the right edge, left edge, or center of the label will be drawn at the Horizontal Position specified above.
Rotate Text:The text will be rotated clockwise by this angle. Rotation is performed after the horizontal/vertical justification and positioning specified above.
Property Name:The value of this label will be exposed as a Property with the given name.