Module:1960: The Making of the President

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Publisher Z-Man Games Era Modern
Year 2007 Topic Politics
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
1960-1-4-1.vmod Module 15.36 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen


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1960: The Making of the President

Getting Started v. 1.4

Download The Module: Due to the 15mb file size, I am hosting the module on Mediafire.

Click on this link to download the file from Mediafire: Alternate Link

Cube placement:

1. Cube piles are located on the bottom-right (Kennedy) and top-right (Nixon) of the screen (next to the candidate card).

2. Cubes can be placed on the states by right-clicking on the state's square space.

3. Cubes can be placed on media by right-clicking on the Media section of the board.

4. Cubes can be placed on issues by right-clicking on the appropriate issue tile.

5. Cubes can be placed in the Rest Cups by right-clicking on the coffee mugs.

Cubes may not be deleted. To remove support from a state, issue, or media, right-click on the cube(s) to be removed and select "return to pile." The cubes will be placed back into their piles (see #1 above).

Momentum and Endorsement markers can be located on in the Markers tab of the Pieces panel.

To Draw Cubes from the Political Capital Bag:

1. Open the Political Capital Bag Window by clicking the appropriate button on the VASSAL toolbar.

2. The game begins with 10 cubes for each side already in the bag. Vassal handles the "bag" like a deck of cards. The "deck" appears as a single cube in the middle of the Political Capital Bag Window. The color of the cube is the color of the last cube placed in the bag. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE RANDOMNESS OF THE DRAW. EACH DRAW IS RANDOM.

3. To draw a cube, click and drag (as you would a card from the deck) a cube from the "deck" or "draw pile" a short ways away from the draw pile. This produces a random draw.

4. To discard the drawn cubes—you don't want them to go back into the "bag"—click on the "Return Cubes" button on the toolbar of the Political Capital Bag Window. This eliminates the drawn cubes while preserving the integrity of the "bag".

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