Module:A World at War

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Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2003 Topic Global War
Players 1-8 Scale Strategic
Length 360 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
AWAW_V0_01.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.01 33.11 MB 2013-11-17 3.2.8
AWAW_V0_02.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.02 (adds NA scenario, TEC, inversion of units, + more) 34.17 MB 2013-12-19 3.2.8
AWAW_V0_04.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.04 (adds unit organization, cleaned up counters) 25.98 MB 2014-2-15 3.2.11
AWAW_V0_04a.vmod A World At War Vassal Module Version 0.04a (fixed Japanese 3-3 AAF counter) 25.93 MB 2014-6-21 3.2.11

Module Information

Maintainer Mike Westley
Contributors Coming Soon


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This is an early alpha version of the Vassal module. Contact Mike Westley if you'd like to improve it -- all help is welcome. Some things that definitely could be improved: there are none of the ultra cards in the module, the hex numbering on the maps are not on, there is only one very basic scenario setup so far, it would be nice to have the AAF/Oil/other incremental counters made into 1 counter with layers, it would be nice to be able to send counters to a force pool location, and more.

With the V0.04 changes, hopefully, the module will be a bit more usable.

Currently the module is checked out for editing by Mike Westley. If you'd like to edit it, contact him so he can check in this changes and let you check it out.

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  • Craig
  • Bigdave