Module:Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game

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Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Future
Year 2008 Topic Science Fiction
Players 3-6 Scale Abstract
Length 2-3 hours Series Battlestar Galactica

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Battlestar_Galactica_FFG_4.4.8.vmod module 23.9 MB 2015-10-10 3.2.15 Robo JamesD, Raptor
Battlestar_Pegasus_4.4.8.vmdx Pegasus Expansion 12.98 MB 2015-10-10 3.2.15 Robo JamesD, Raptor
Battlestar_Exodus_4.4.8.vmdx Exodus Expansion 11.16 MB 2015-10-10 3.2.15 Robo JamesD, Raptor
Battlestar_Exodus_CylonFleet_4.4.8.vmdx Exodus CylonFleet Expansion 1.46 MB 2015-10-10 3.2.15 Robo JamesD, Raptor
Battlestar_Daybreak_4.4.8.vmdx Daybreak Expansion 11.43 MB 2015-10-10 3.2.15 Robo JamesD, Raptor
Battlestar_Galactica_FFG_4.2.vmod module 51.33 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.15 Robo Fedor
Battlestar_Pegasus_4.2.vmdx Pegasus Expansion 32.06 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.15 Robo Fedor
Battlestar_Exodus_4.2.vmdx Exodus Expansion 35.38 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.15 Robo Fedor
Battlestar_Exodus_CylonFleet_4.1.2.vmdx Exodus CylonFleet Expansion 2.86 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.15 Robo Fedor
Battlestar_Daybreak_4.2.vmdx Daybreak Expansion 27.06 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.15 Robo Fedor
Battlestar_Galactica_FFG_2.0.vmod module 48.91 MB 2013-11-02 3.2 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Pegasus_2.0.vmdx Pegasus Expansion 30.27 MB 2013-11-02 3.2 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Exodus_2.0.vmdx Exodus Expansion 34.19 MB 2013-11-02 3.2 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Exodus_CylonFleet_2.0.vmdx Exodus CylonFleet Expansion 5.94 MB 2013-11-02 3.2 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Daybreak_2.0.vmdx Daybreak Expansion 28.92 MB 2013-11-02 3.2 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Galactica_FFG_156.vmod module 49.19 MB 2011-08-29 3.1 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Pegasus_1561.vmdx Pegasus Expansion 30.07 MB 2011-08-29 3.1 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Exodus_113.vmdx Exodus Expansion 33.07 MB 2011-08-29 3.1 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)
Battlestar_Exodus_CylonFleet_104.vmdx Exodus CylonFleet Expansion 5.93 MB 2011-08-29 3.1 Gherardo Softbug,Paul (Haree78)


A semi-cooperative adventure game themed around the epic and widely-acclaimed Sci Fi Channel series, Battlestar Galactica.
As per FFG policy, all loyalty item card texts are blank to ensure players own a copy.

All players must disable any extensions you do not intend to play. The Cylon Fleet extension is an optional extra to the Exodus extension, it is not intended to be used separately and should be disabled if you do not intend to play the Cylon Fleet variant.

Active VASSAL community on BoardGameGeek

This includes players like schmloof, oriecat, markino, MachV, Vorpalgens, TDaver, HazyAssaulter, j0frenzy, and many more!

Vassal bug: Sometimes card decks can bug out(cards gone missing, always face-up).
Solution: Synchronize to the player who do not see this bug.


  • 1) Convert 32 bit PNG to 8 bit to reduce file size.
  • 2) Mouse over on locations to see larger image.
  • 3) New setup buttons for Ionian Nebula. Ally and Trauma buttons.
  • 4) New resource dials.
  • 5) Button on Cylon Fleet Board to deactivate it and play with Cylon Attack Cards. No need to deactivate from Vassal main window.
  • 6) Replaced skill card images with high quality ones.


  • 1) Assault raptor is yellow color now for easy viewing.
  • 2) Alternative centurion tokens
  • 3) Fixed some loyalty and quorum cards going to Game Box when taken to hand.
  • 4) Any player can reshuffle civilian ships
  • 5) Random Discards windows
  • 6) Build Destiny button
  • 7) Game setup buttons
  • 8) Added Emergency deck in Game Box in case Destiny deck bugs out, showing all cards faced up.
  • 9) Remove audio files because it was too loud.
  • 10) Support for fan-made 4 Destination Campaign and fan-made Characters from Boardgamegeek.
  • 11) Conflicted Loyalty and Mutineer is in the Loyalty window. Expand your window.
  • 12) Right-click on character cards to see title succession order.

MANY improvements:

  • 1) new painted miniatures
  • 2) Daybreak expansion
  • 3) revised game menu
  • 4) Destination, Objective and Crisis cards are on the board
  • 5) "Pass card to" menu option
  • 6) the Situation window now recognize all the items
  • 7) no "solo" player, up to 7 players
  • 8) the chat window tracks each movement on the loyalty deck window, alerts the other player when a disaster trauma token is drawn and, when drawing a skill card, reports the type of skill card drawn


  • Recompiled module and extensions custom module with correct version of Java to fix Mac bug.

Pegasus extension v.1.5.6

  • Fixed 1 Investigative Committee Strength 3 card incorrectly using the Strength 4 image.


  • Vastly improved reporting.
  • Fixed a few repeat cards not having the correct variety of jump/activation symbols.
  • Added HTML rules summaries. If you wish to make an improved HTML summary then please submit to Paul.
  • Fixed investigative committee appearing in Situation if Base game is used without Pegasus extension.
  • Few additions/tweaks.

Screen Shots


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  • Eric
  • gert74
  • ijthompson
  • ganotisim
  • BobThePumpkin
  • Moviedemon
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