Module:Combat Infantry

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Publisher Columbia Games Era WWII
Year 2017 Topic Western Front
Players 2 Scale Tactical
Length 2 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CombatInfantry_2_1.vmod Module 9.34 MB 2018-11-03 3.2
CI_charts_2_1.pdf Charts 90 KB 2018-11-03 3.2
CombatInfantry_2_0.vmod Module 9.29 MB 2018-10-11 3.2
CI_charts_2_0.pdf Charts 72 KB 2018-10-11 3.2
CombatInfantry_1_1.vmod Module 7.64 MB 2018-07-22 3.2
CI_charts_1_1.pdf Charts 160 KB 2018-07-25 3.2
CI-official_scenarios.vmdx Extension 1.61 MB 2018-08-03 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer G1ul10
Contributors G1ul10


Version 2.1:

  • units are revealed when entering an enemy occupied hex;
  • added "fire" thread for an easier attack designation;
  • improved buttons bar icons;

Version 2.0:

  • changed some keystroke for better mnemonics: 'ctrl-a' activate the unit, 'ctrl-f' fire the unit, 'space' flip the unit;
  • updated O\B windows with a nicer layout;
  • updated Losses window with a nicer layout;
  • added the possibility to flip board maps;
  • added images of official scenarios;
  • added official scenarios map with turn track;
  • added all base game pre-defined setups;
  • removed game turn counter from button bar;
  • HQs are revealed when activated;
  • units are revealed when firing or performing special actions;
  • vehicles are revealed when moving;
  • units become active if marked with failed activation;
  • units become active if they move;
  • units are revealed in the Losses window;
  • a wreck marker is placed where vehicles are eliminated;
  • placement of smoke, foxhole and broken bridge trigger a message;
  • warning to designate a spotter for bombardment;
  • random assets can be drawn directly on the map;
  • split American, German and terrain pieces in separate palettes;
  • added the correct unit cost chart;
  • added a chart with the list of command keys;
  • added a quick start entry to the help menu;
  • added a "label" piece to put brief text on the map;
  • clean-up of unused images;

Version 1.1:

  • fixed typos on German units and assets;
  • change the label of any unit with ctrl-l;
  • removed redundant "attach" command;
  • CHQ use a generic image and specific labels;
  • the old CHQ images are still included for backward compatibility
  • updated unit visual image;
  • added darker transparent hex to denote out of play areas;

The CI_charts file details all special keys used in the modules.

The CI_official scenarios extension adds the original scenarios sheets in a browsable menu.

Screen Shots


  • G1ul10