Module:Commands & Colors: Napoleonics

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Publisher GMT Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2010 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 Scale Tactical
Length 1 hour Series Commands & Colors


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
3.4 - Official module
CCNapoleonics3.vmod‎ Module 18.71 MB 2016-08-30 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
3.4 - Unofficial extension
CCN_Fansscenarios3.vmdx Extension 5.34 MB 2016-08-30 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
2.01 - Offical Epic module
CCNapoEpic2.vmod‎ Module 16.19 MB 2016-09-16 3.2.2 Bayernkini
2.55 - Official module
CCNapoleonics2.5.vmod‎ Module 10 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
1.33 - Unofficial extension
CCN_Fansscenarios.vmdx Extension 2.61 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
1.42 - Discontinued former official module
Commands & Colors Napoleonics v1.42.vmod Module 9.68 MB 2010-12-19 3.1.15 Joel Toppen
1.21 - Unofficial Epic module
CCNapoEpic1.2.vmod‎ Module 10.28 MB 2015-01-09 3.2.2 Bayernkini
1.21 - Unofficial Epic fan extension
Fansscenariosepic.vmdx Module 1.87 MB 2015-01-09 3.2.2 Bayernkini

Comments -- Fan page

Version 3.3:

  • With the new command and tactician card decks and the expansion 5 scenarios.

This version is not backwards compatible (including the old fan extension)! - Report problems fixed

Extension Version 3.3: Unofficial extension, is only compatible with the new Main Module version 3.0 and higher; Now all current standard size fanscenarios included.

Epic Version 2.01:

  • Now the offical Epic module, all official scenarios included

This version is not backwards compatible the the unofficial epic version (including the old epic fan extension)!

Version 2.55:

  • Fixed small mistakes

Extension Version 1.33: Unofficial extension, added some more fanmade scenarios, units and markers

This extension is only compatible with the new Main Module version 2.4 and higher

Version 1.41 notes:

  • Keyboard shortcuts in sync with the C&CA module
  • Marker color codes in sync with C&CA module
  • To take a random card from your hand and place it on the Square Display:

1. Click on the Square button in your Hand Window.

2. Open the Squares Window and click on the button corresponding to the space on the Square Display you wish to send a random card to. One random card from your hand is sent there; the others are returned to your hand.

  • To return a card to your hand from the Square Display, right-click on it and choose the return to hand option. The card will appear in the right-most space in your hand.
  • When playing a Scout card, draw the cards from the Draw Pile onto the map. Discard the card you don't want and use the right-click function noted above to send the selected card to your hand.
  • To view the whole map at once, use the middle zoom button and choose to have the map fit your screen height or width. Hovering your mouse over pieces will create a blow-up image of the piece.
  • The dice may be moved around. Hold the shift key down and left-click. You may then drag it around to another location if you desire.

Screen Shots


  • Terumo
  • Joel Toppen
  • bdgza
  • AronBC
  • J6A
  • theimann
  • ColtsFan76
  • JWandel
  • Bayernkini
  • Grifalco
  • Derekrledr
  • Michaelangelo
  • oneway76