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Publisher Libellud Era Contemporary
Year 2008 Topic Humor
Players 3 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 20-30 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Lingua Italiana
Dixit 1.2.vmod module 42.42 MB 2012-11-14 3.1.20
Dixit 1.0.vmod module 68.16 MB 2012-09-29 3.1.20
Dixit 0.9.vmod module 68.16 MB 2012-09-09 3.1.20
Dixit 0.8 beta.vmod module 58.66 MB 2012-09-08 3.1.20
Dixit 0.7 beta.vmod module 43.02 MB 2012-09-05 3.1.20
English Language
Dixit 1.2eng.vmod module 42.42 MB 2012-11-30 3.1.20
Dixit 0.9eng.vmod module 68.16 MB 2012-09-24 3.1.20
Dixit 0.7eng beta.vmod module 50.01 MB 2012-09-05 3.1.20

Module Information

Maintainer Gnappo
Contributors River, bugggg


Wikipedia entry

English version by Bugggg.

Version 1.2 has smaller size and new game modes, with a new background, two more markers and many other cards.

Version 1.0 settles some troublesome problems with cards and markers. (ITA only)

Version 0.9 fixes some card images and adds more cards.

Version 0.8 beta fixes some errors in 0.7 beta (that are not present in Bugggg's version); adds some cards; and makes selected elements more visible.

Module created with River, the graphic designer. I do NOT own any right of the game.

Gnappo 20:07, 5 September 2012

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