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Publisher Avalon Hill Era Future
Year 1979 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length 240 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Module I
Dune_v2_03.vmod Module 2.31 MB 2005-01-01 3.1 Unknown robert.soule,rwein
Module I - Jimedit
dunejimedit205.vmod Module 2.64 MB 2012-10-08 3.1.19 Jim9137
Module II
dune_ah_2.0.vmod Module 27.54 MB 2013-06-11 3.2 mycenae (Other modules by Mycenae)
duel_1.0.vmdx Extension 7.26 MB 2012-05-19 3.2 mycenae
spiceharvest_1.0.vmdx Extension 5.84 MB 2012-05-19 3.2 mycenae
treachery_1.0.vmdx Extension 1.02 MB 2012-05-19 3.2 mycenae


Module I, Version 2.03 - Dune module dated 2005. Uses graphics from the original Avalon Hill game.

Module I - Jimedit, Version 2.05 - Dune module dated 2012. Uses graphics from Module I. This module also includes extra treachery cards from all the official Expansions (Duel, Harvest and General), but it does not include the other cards or boards for those expansions. It does however, support the extra factions, though they are not fully playtested. Includes heavy automation in transfering cards, tokens, spice, spice blows and leaders to faciliate faster gameplay. Additionally, has few other features to ease the gameplay in regards to some Atreides, Bene Gesserit, Landsraad and Bene Tleilaxu play. Warning! Not thoroughly playtested.

Module II, Version 2.0 - Dune module dated 2013. Uses redesigned graphics created by Scott Everts. This module also includes extensions for The Duel and Spice Harvest expansion sets. (The Treachery extension includes only the new Treachery cards from the Duel and Spice Harvest expansions, without any new boards or other pieces.)

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