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Eclipse image.jpg
Publisher Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2-6 Scale Strategic
Length 240min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Eclipse_1.5.2.1.vmod module 29.23 MB 2016-08-22 3.2.16
Eclipse_1.5.2_xod.vmod module 27.61 MB 2014-06-20 3.2.11
Eclipse_152.vmod module 27.02 MB 2012-02-02 3.18
Eclipse_15.vmod module 26.94 MB 2012-01-29 3.18
Eclipse_12.vmod module 25.83 MB 2012-01-17 3.18
Eclipse.vmod module 25.7 MB 2012-01-16 3.18

Module Information

Maintainer Juuso Marttila
Contributors Eike Hanus, Xodetaetl, Sean Hunt


1.5.3 is a minor update by coppro; the only real change is that the green colony ship now appears only when the Plantae side is up. EDIT: I got it backwards. Will fix when I get the chance.

1.5.2_xod ships improved graphics I (Xodetaetl) have made in 2012. Replacing the blurry background with a new image using a touched up artist's version of the milky way, fitting the lore. I also remade population cubes and touched up other pieces. See screenshot below. Versions 1.5.2 and 1.5.2_xod should be able to play together, let me know if you have any issue.

1.5.2 contains mostly bug fixes and is strongly recommended for all new games. 1.5. is stable enough to complete any ongoing games, no worries there. Older releases should be downloaded and inspected only out of curiosity on how much this module has been improved. ;)

Before playing, please go through Instructions in module, found behind question mark in toolbar.

Module is in open beta, although fully playable. Feel free to offer any tips and help in developing it!

Screen Shots


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