Module:Explorers of the Lost World

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Publisher Unpublished Era Contemporary
Year 2020 Topic Exploration
Players 1 to 5 Scale Tactical
Length 2-5 Hours

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Explorers_of_the_Lost_World.vmod Module 20.67 MB 2020-08-08 3.2.17 clanmacrae9


  • Welcome to Explorers of the Lost World. The game where you take a team of explorers to film, study and discover amazing artifacts across a landscape filled with prehistoric and gigantic creatures.

    • Email me at if you are interested in playtesting this game.

  • About the Explorers of the Lost World Version 1.4 module by clanmacrae9:
    • Significant upgrades to the Journals
      • Improved the layout to emphasize the days of each turn.
      • Added tracking buttons for the Track Creature
      • Added 1st Aid Kit tracker
    • Added Cave exploration
    • Added Cave Dice
    • Updated Lost values on Terrain Key
    • Added Pan Gold table
  • About the Explorers of the Lost World Version 1.3 module by clanmacrae9:
    • Fixed some errors in the Tables
    • Added the Map Compass
    • Added Doctor to Professionals list on the journals
    • Fixed the Discovery Tiles placement guide on the map
  • About the Explorers of the Lost World Version 1.2 module by clanmacrae9:
    • Significant changes to the cards, tables and maps
  • About the Explorers of the Lost World Version 1.1 module by clanmacrae9:
    • Fixed some of the Cards and images
  • About the Explorers of the Lost World Version 1.0 module by clanmacrae9:
    • This is the initial posted module.
    • The module resembles the Source of the Nile module that I built and borrows the exploration mechanics from that game as well, but has its own rule set.
    • Explore the Lost World one terrain hex at a time. Fight T-Rex and giant scorpions. Discover ancient relics and artifacts from ancient explorers before you.
    • In glorious black and white to bring you back to the age of the silver screen.
    • Stay tuned for more modifications, corrections and upgrades to the game.

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  • clanmacrae9