Module:Fields of Fire

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Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2008 Topic unknown
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
2nd Edition 1.4
FoF 2nd Ed v1.4.vmod Module 47.95 MB 2018-02-15 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.31.vmod Module 47.95 MB 2018-02-05 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.2.vmod Module 47.93 MB 2018-01-03 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.1.vmod Module 47.93 MB 2017-12-22 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.vmod Module 47.93 MB 2017-12-14 3.2.17
Normandy 2.3
FoF_Normandy_v2-3.vmod Module 15.65 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+
Korea 1.0
FoF_Korea_v1.vmod Module 18.52 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+
Vietnam 1.4
FoF_Vietnam_v1-4.vmod Module 19.27 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+
Vietnam - Long Tan
FoF_Vietnam_v1-4_527.vmod Module 50.01 MB 2020-11-25 3.4.5
Falklands War - Goose Green
FoF_Falklands_v2.1.9.vmod Module 53.2 MB 2021-01-20 3.4.12

Module Information

Maintainer Alexander331bc
Contributors Alexander331bc Colin_P


Video tour of version of the 2nd edition of the VASSAL module may be found here: Fields of Fire VASSAL Module

Version 1.3x update:

  • Added missing BUNKER and PILLBOX markers.
  • Added right-click function to place PINNED markers. Version 1.31 adds this ability to HQ and to Vehicles.
  • Changed PINNED markers so that they are not removed during Cleanup.

Version 1.4 update:

  • Fixed bug where Pyro/Grenades on Command Display were removed during Cleanup Button press.
  • Adjusted all ammo settings on units to max a 8 ammo.
  • Fixed bug with NK tanks and assault guns so that they too have an ammo layer.
  • Corrected Normandy order of battle by adding two HMG units (can be attached during certain missions).
  • Corrected Korea order of battle by removing surplus LMG team from each platoon; added missing 2/1 75mm RCL PLT (These changes per email with game designer).

Vietnam - Long Tan - Version 1.4.527 update:

(Unofficial) Mod of the v1.4 version by Colin_P; now with added Australians!

See BoardGameGeek for a Briefing Booklet for the Battle of Long Tan in 1966. This mod is stripped down to enable the Long Tan campaign to be played. It is the last in a series and a summary of all changes over the 1.4 version is as follows:

• Added - ORBAT and new pieces 6th Bn Royal Australian Rifles, Australian Leaders, Support Units, LATs and Vehicles (M113)

• Added - 'Turn Sequence' in Charts

• Added – Various counters: 'Starlight Scope' counter in the Asset tab for night missions, 'Not Spotted' counter in the Cover tab for newly arriving enemy units. Different types of Booby Traps. ‘Cleared Area’ counter, to help cards that have been cleared stand out, for Victory Point purposes (NB – these cards may be re-occupied by enemy forces!)

• Added - functionality to better handle hits on Australian three-step units (see the right click menu - it automatically sets the right counters)

• Modified - Terrain deck altered to create a more accurate rendition of the landscape during the battle.

• Modified - behaviour of Australian LATs (using 'replace' rather than 'add' units to the right-click menu)

• Modified - Vehicles chart to just show Vietnam units (incl new M113)

• Modified - Potential Contact deck to make creating a random deck easier (I couldn’t get the original mod’s random cards functionality to work right?)

• Modified - Helicopter Staging Areas card to better reflect cyclical nature of movement (Image credit: Ben Hull)

• Deleted - a few of the VASSAL UI buttons that I never used

• Added - Long Tan Force Packages now in Charts, and also separated Enemy Activity Check Hierarchies into their own Tab.

• Modified - Slight amendments to MG Ammo use syntax and sequence (“Increase/Decrease” wording seemed wrong way round, so changed to “Use Ammo/Gain Ammo”. Remaining Ammo now displayed as icons on left of counters.

• Added - New chart on the Enemy Contact tab for the (optional) ‘Vanished Enemies’ process. Added ‘Vanished’ counter under Cover tab. For more on this optional and non-official rule, see BoardGameGeek forum post

Falklands War - v2.1.9

(Unofficial) Mod of the v1.4 version by Colin_P; now with added Brits!

See BoardGameGeek for a Briefing Booklet for the Battle of Goose Green, 28 May 1982

  • This mod is based on the Long Tan mod, above, so many of the updates from that are in this mod too

• Added - Counter sets for British Army and Argentine Army

• Added - New Terrain deck

• Added - New Ammo layer functionality shows on left side of counter and is used/replaced using Ctrl-[ or Ctrl-]

• Added - Experience layer to British counters - adjust experience from the right-click menu

GMT's Solitaire Game With Permission from GMT


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