Module:Fields of Fire

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Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2008 Topic unknown
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
2nd Edition 1.4
FoF 2nd Ed v1.4.vmod Module 47.95 MB 2018-02-15 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.31.vmod Module 47.95 MB 2018-02-05 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.2.vmod Module 47.93 MB 2018-01-03 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.1.vmod Module 47.93 MB 2017-12-22 3.2.17
FoF 2nd Ed v1.vmod Module 47.93 MB 2017-12-14 3.2.17
Normandy 2.3
FoF_Normandy_v2-3.vmod Module 15.65 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+
Korea 1.0
FoF_Korea_v1.vmod Module 18.52 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+
Vietnam 1.4
FoF_Vietnam_v1-4_525.vmod Module 20.76 MB 2018-12-04 3.2.17
FoF_Vietnam_v1-4-522.vmod Module 20.19 MB 2018-11-24 3.2.17
FoF_Vietnam_v1-4_4_CGP.vmod Module 20.15 MB 2018-11-16 3.2.17
FoF_Vietnam_v1-4.vmod Module 19.27 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+

Module Information

Maintainer Alexander331bc
Contributors Alexander331bc Colin_P


Video tour of version of the 2nd edition of the VASSAL module may be found here: Fields of Fire VASSAL Module

Version 1.3x update:

  • Added missing BUNKER and PILLBOX markers.
  • Added right-click function to place PINNED markers. Version 1.31 adds this ability to HQ and to Vehicles.
  • Changed PINNED markers so that they are not removed during Cleanup.

Version 1.4 update:

  • Fixed bug where Pyro/Grenades on Command Display were removed during Cleanup Button press.
  • Adjusted all ammo settings on units to max a 8 ammo.
  • Fixed bug with NK tanks and assault guns so that they too have an ammo layer.
  • Corrected Normandy order of battle by adding two HMG units (can be attached during certain missions).
  • Corrected Korea order of battle by removing surplus LMG team from each platoon; added missing 2/1 75mm RCL PLT (These changes per email with game designer).

Vietnam Version 1.44 update:

(Unofficial) Mod of the v1.4 version by Colin_P; now with added Australians!

  • Added - ORBAT and new pieces for D Coy, 6th Bn Royal Australian Rifles
  • Added - Australian Leader counters
  • Added - Australian M113 troop
  • Added - 'Turn Sequence' in Charts
  • Added - 'Starlight Scope' counter in the Asset tab for night missions. I played Vietnam mission 2 recently and thought they were a needed counter?
  • Added - 'Not Spotted' counter in the Cover tab for newly arriving enemy units
  • Added - functionality to better handle hits on Australian three-step units (see the right click menu - it automatically sets the right counters)
  • Modified - behaviour of Australian LATs (using 'replace' rather than 'add' units to the right-click menu)
  • Modified - Vehicles chart to just show Vietnam units (incl new M113)
  • Modified - Potential Contact deck to make creating a random deck easier (I couldn’t get the original mod’s random cards functionality to work right?)
  • Modified - Helicopter Staging Areas card to better reflect cyclical nature of movement (Image credit: Ben Hull file on BGG)
  • Deleted - a few of the VASSAL UI buttons that I never used

Vietnam V1.4.522 Update:

  • Modified - Corrected firepower on M113 counters (from ‘H V’ to ‘A C’)
  • Modified -Changed CF/FC hit result on three-step to generate one ‘normal’ Fire team and one Fire team with G! as well as the casualty
  • Added - Australian SAS Section counter in Support Units, for use in a Long Tan campaign (see GameBoardGeek) 
  • Added - ‘General Initiative’ Commands counter on the Command Display, and moved vehicle and helicopters counters out of the way from main Company counters
  • Modified - Cosmetic change to the Australian Battalion Ops Officer counter (now a Captain)

Vietnam V1.4.525 Update:

  • Added - Counters for A and B Companies, 6 RAR, for use in the Long Tan Campaign.
  • Added - Long Tan Force Packages now in Charts, and also separated Enemy Activity Check Hierarchies into their own Tab.
  • Modified - Slight amendments to MG Ammo use syntax and sequence (“Increase/Decrease” wording seemed wrong way round, so changed to “Use Ammo/Gain Ammo”. Now also automatically marks unit as Out Of Ammo when last point used.
  • Added - Counters for 3 types of Booby Trap: Punji Stakes (VOF -2), Trip Mine (VOF -3), Artillery Shell (VOF -4)
  • Added - ‘Cleared Area’ counter, to help cards that have been cleared stand out, for Victory Point purposes (NB – these cards may be re-occupied by enemy forces!)

GMT's Solitaire Game With Permission from GMT


Screen Shots


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  • Alexander331bc