Module:Freedom in The Galaxy

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Publisher Avalon Hill Era Future
Year 1979 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2.04-Two Player
Freedom-in-the-Galaxy-v2_04.vmod module 45.56 MB 2017-01-10 3.2.16 PeteHat AndyKiger
FitG-v2_04-Solitaire.vmod module 45.59 MB 2017-01-10 3.2.16 AndyKiger AndyKiger


AH's classic Rebels v Evil Empire space opera wargame. Version 2.04 includes all "Official" errata (Charts, Tables, Cards). Includes players aids (Star-Faring Race Overlays and Rebel Secret Base Overlay). Detailed Environ information from the Galactic Guide is incorporated interactively into the Main Board (Alt-Click on the Environ symbol)

Update: Character wounds are applied on the character cards by the (Right-click) command “Wounded“. Wounds are indicated by a check box symbol and Endurance and Combat values will automatically adjust to reflect the number of wounds. Character cards for Sovereigns have been included to keep track of current Sovereign wounds, endurance and combat values, as well as a convenience for executing Missions with Sovereigns. A Turn track has been added to the Player Turn Chart for the smaller scenarios.

Version 2.04-Solitaire is identical to Version 2.04-Two Player with the exception that there is only one player side in the solitaire version (For those players who want to play solitaire without having to retire and switch sides). Saved games are incompatible between the two different versions.

Freedom in the Galaxy, The Avalon Hill Game Company, Registration Number: TX0001125827, Registration Date: 1983-05-26, Imprint: Avalon Hill Game Co., c1981, The Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office

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